How To Start A Blog

How To Start A Blog 

Today In This Digital World We Know That We Can Earn Money Online.
Yes, there are lots of platforms that exist on the Internet to make money online, and blogging is one of them.
Now if you don't have any idea about blogging and you want to start a blog then, this article will help you a lot.
In this article, we covered how to start a blog.
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Blogging Is The Best Way To Make Money Online. If You Love Writing then With Out Wasting any Time You Need To Start a Blog.
But Before Starting A Blog You Need To Know That What Is Actually A Blog and what is the most important thing to start a blog.
Some people still don't know what a blog is.
  So A blog (Initially known as a "weblog") is known for many things: a digital magazine, a newspaper, a gathering place for collectors, an exhibition of your art, an exchange of information, a learning center, a place to learn. A simple blog combines text, images, videos, and relevant pages and media on the web.

Different types of people create blog sites according to their needs, some for portfolio, and some for business.


When starting a blog at first you need to choose your blog niche,
And When you choose your blog niche, you would like a transparent understanding of who your audience is.
Your blog’s niche is that the actual market (topic) you will be targeting.
choose your interest as a niche. 
suppose you're interested in technology then, you'll go with the 'tech' niche.
If you're an expert in digital marketing then, 
you can select your niche as 'online make money'
Some Best Blog Niche Are Digital Marketing Blog, Health and Fitness Blog, News Blog, Reviews Blog. 


This is the most important thing to start a blog. If you are in the beginning, choosing the right platforms for your blog is challenging for you. Lots of people will suggest you go with different platforms but which one you need to choose it depends on your blogging experience.
There is two way to choose your blog platform.

Hosted Blog: Hosted blog are those blog which is created on any companies hosting, that means you are not own the server, you are creating your blog or website in under of any company.
Some Popular Hosted Blog Platforms Are, Tumblr, Medium

Self Hosted Blog: A self-hosted blog is one that resides on its own server. That means you will create a blog or website on your own server(hosting).
Some Popular Self-Hosted Blogging Platforms Are WordPress, Ghost, Joomla, Drupal.

Now you are clear about the platform you can choose your blog platform with your experience.
My recommendation is that if are you a beginner then you can go with hosted blog platforms and if you have experience with the blog then you can go with self-hosted platforms. 


There are lots of Hosted and Self Hosted Platforms that exist on the Internet But these two platforms are one of the most popular. A Hosted Blog Platform.
If if you haven't any previous knowledge about blogging and recently you want to start a blog then you can go with A Self Hosted Blog Platform.
If you are currently running a blog on hosted platforms but you want to upgrade your blog then you can go with WordPress.


After Selecting Your Blog Niche And Your Blog Platforms You Need To Choose A Custom Domain For Your Blog. 
A Domain Name Is Your Blog Address, A Domain names are used to identify one or more IP addresses.
But Before Buying a domain name you need to know about these three important things.

1. Select Your Domain Name Related To Your Niche.
2. Select Your Domain Name, Less Than Fifteen Word.
3. Select A Top Level Domain Name For Your Blog.

There are a lot of companies on the internet that provide domain names, you can easily buy from them.


If You Selecting Your Blog Platform As A Self Hosted Blog Then, Obviously You Need To Buy A Hosting Plan.
A Web Hostings Or Internet Hosting Service Allows Any Individuals And Organization To Create Their Website accessible  Via The World Wide Web(WWW).
To Buying A Hosting Plan, There Are Lots of Companies Available On the Internet.
 You Can Easily Buy From Them And Easily Can Install Any Content Management System(CMS).


After Complete Your Domain And Hosting Purchase, You Need To Setup Your Custom Domain On Your Hosting.


There Are Lots Of People They Ask Me, Why We Are Not Able To Access Adsense Code On Our BlogSite And The Answer Is Mine That Chooses The Right Theme.
Yes To Make A Blogsite You Need To Choose The Right Theme For Your Blog.
You Need To Choose Theme Like Mobile Friendly, Ads Ready, Social Share Option, Seo Ready Option.


If You Want To Earn Money Online Then obviously you need to learn about SEO.

Suppose You are Searching On Google 'How to start a blog' Then Google will show you many websites and pages about how to start a blog. But you see my website (article) on the first page of Google.
The process I used to rank my article on the first page of Google is Called SEO.
To Start A Blog Or Website At First You Need To Know About On-page Seo, Off-Page SEO, And Technical SEO.


If all of the above has happened then you should now write some unique article(Your Niche Related) for your blog site.
Be posted in your article without any plagiarism.
Google will not index your site if you are using any copied content.


A blogger earns money from a blog site in many ways.
Such as Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Ebook Writing, Sponsorship, and many more.
So Don't Worry About Money Just Setup Your Blog And Start Earning.

✅So Now You Are Able To Start or Run A BlogSite, So Don't Waste Your Time. Stop Wishing Start Doing.

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