How To Create A Blog For Free Using Blogger

How To Create A Blog For Free Using Blogger

Today we know there are lots of online platforms that exist in our world to make money online, for that everyone starts their online work by joining different platforms.

Now if you love writing then blogging is the best choice for you to make money online.
There are lots of platforms that exist online to make a Free or Paid blog site.
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In this article, I will cover how you can make a free blog site by using is a blogging platform powered by Google. It offers you an opportunity to start a free blog. You don't need a domain or hosting to create a blog or website on this platform.

Note: You need to have a valid Email ID to create a blog site on
To start or making money through blogging is not easy you need to know how to start a blog perfectly.
So let's check how you can make a free blog site on

(1) Open Google or any other search engines and search
And click the first URL or link which are provided by the search engine.

(2) Now sign in with your email id. If you don't have an email then create an email id by using

(3) Set a Display Name for your blog
The Display name of your blog is the name visible to other members on the blogger.

(4) Select Your Title, Address, and Theme
Now You need to add the name of your blog and select a domain name for your blog. Avoid using your personal name as the domain name, because if you want to start an online business then obviously Today or Tomorrow you need to add a custom domain on your blog for your online business branding. For that, always choose a brand domain name for your blog.
Select A Theme And Click On Create Blog And Your Blog Site has Created Done.
You can change the theme later.
Now Your blog site is ready to publish on any search engines.

✅ Hope now you can easily create a blog site free on Just creating a blog site is not the end of your work, after creating your blog site you need various work to grow your blogging or online business. Keep searching or visiting my website daily.

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