How To Lock Facebook Profile

How To Lock Facebook Profile

Today we can spend a day without food, but without the Internet, not a single moment,

In this age of the Internet, there are very few people who are not connected to social media platform.
From baby to old everyone is now connected to some social platforms like you. 

One of the most popular Social Media Platforms is Facebook.

99.9% of the people who read this article have a Facebook account, Because today in this article I will share with you how to lock a Facebook profile. And I think you have read this article so carefully because you have a Facebook account and you want to Lock your profile.

After creating your Facebook ID, you share your photos, videos, and another thing that you want to share with everyone through your Facebook ID, 

But in many cases is for some reason that you do not want to share your photos and videos with anyone else to see.

So at this time, you need to lock your Facebook profile.

But there are many people who completely delete their Facebook ID. 

If you do not need the current Facebook ID, Then you can delete your Facebook account. 

But if you don't want to show your photos, videos, etc. on Facebook, and want to keep your current ID, Then you don't need to delete your Facebook Id. *

In this case, you need to lock your Facebook profile. 

If you lock your Facebook profile, No one will see what you have shared. 

So If you don't know how to Lock a Facebook profile, then after reading this article you will understand how to lock a Facebook profile. 

Today you will know how to lock Facebook profile through mobile.


Follow Step By Step:

(1) First, you need to open the Facebook app on your mobile. 

(2) If you have not already logged in with your Facebook ID on your mobile. Then you need to log in with (using your email or phone number and password) your Facebook ID. 

(3) After you log in using your email and password, your Facebook homepage will open. After That >> 

(4) In the upper right, you see three dot lines." " << Like That. Then click on it, After that, your profile will be visible and you have to click on your Facebook profile. 

(5) Then you should see the pictures and videos that you post. _ Are Public or Friends? _ If you will see there are set on "public" then you need to change your settings with "Friends

* Go to the help center and search *

"Locked the profile". 

(6) After Search results, you need to click on the first option. _(How do locked profiles work?) Then just scroll to the bottom↓↓

 (7) Now you will see here > * How do I lock my profile? ↓↓ * You need to click on the "Tap here" option. * Then a new page will be coming. 

(8) *You need to click here "Lock your profile" * Now Click on it, and Finally your profile will be Locked after this Setting. 

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 ✔️ Now If you want to unlock your profile: Search on Help Center "Locked the profile" >> After Search Result Click The first option " How do I lock my profile? " >> Scroll Down ↓↓ >> Click How do I unlock my profile >> Click See More Options >> Click Unlock Profile Here >> Click Continue >> Click Set Up How They Are Now >> Click Unlock Profile. And Now Your profile will be Unlocked.

✅ Hopefully, now you can easily lock your Facebook profile. If this article is helpful for you then share this article in your friend circle.

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